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Specializing in vintage guitar tube amplifier repair and restoration.
Home of the DW Band!

Fatubesound.Com, Home of Fathers Amp Repair & the DW Band!
We specialize in repair of Fender, Ampeg, Marshall, Silvertone, Gibson, Gretsch, Valco, Supro, Vox and Danelectro amplifiers, as well as repairs of tube stereo equipment. Be sure to visit our Amplifier gallery!

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Located in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

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In the Rock & Roll business since 1965!

We Sell Tubes!
We Stock and Sell Vacuum Tubes By:
Ruby Tubes, JJ Tesla, Svetlana, Electro Harmonics, Sovtek
We are a Dealer For:
Magic Parts, Mojo Musical Supply, Weber Vintage Sound Technology, New Sensor, CE Distribution, Jensen Speakers

We Sell Amps!
We have amplifiers for sale!
Father has a collection of high-quality amplifers for sale.
E-mail Father for the listing!


Services include:
Tuneup & Repair; Tube, Capacitor, Speaker Replacement; New/Aged Tolex coverings, Grille cloths; Hardware, Cabinet, Back panel, Logo Replacements; Amp corners, handles, knobs, switches; Professional speaker Re-coning; De-Modifying of amplifiers; Custom amp kits built and de-bugged.

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Complete restoration of your vintage tube amplifier!